On the surface, you may think your brand is just a few elements such as your colours and logo.

But in reality your brand reflects your personality, and can be thought of as the entire identity of your business.

While branding has always been important, with the proliferation of social media and other digital platforms potential customers are exposed to brands everyday. While this is a positive for the consumer as they are exposed to options and choice it can be difficult for a business to stand out from the crowd.

Be Recognisable

Customers will take notice of strong branding, whereas a business that lacks cohesive branding is unlikely to stick in someone’s mind.

A business that uses elements such as a well thought out colour palette, a distinctive logo and identifiable fonts will be far more memorable to a potential client.

Your brand may only be seen for a moment, but of it has a positive impression it can stick with the consumer and they will remember when they are next looking for a type of service that you provide.

Branding Builds Trust

Whether a consumer realises it or not, they look for consistency in branding. A business that has confused design and inconsistent fonts, colours and logos creates distrust, in a similar way that bootleg clothing brands do.

A business that presents itself with clear and professional branding is far more likely to attract business than one with a confused and varied branding.

Branding Improves Advertising

Advertising is a proven way of expanding awareness of your business, and this goes hand in hand with branding. Advertising that adheres to your in house style rules helps to improve your presence in the market and makes your business more recognisable to consumers.

Branding Improves Moral

Great branding helps your employees feel like part of a team and keeps them motivated.

A well thought out approach to branding can include branded apparel, merchandise and the look of your whole workspace. This creates a sense of unity through branding, and can result in significant improvements to the workplace.

Branding Creates Loyal Customers

Good branding improves repeat business, as a good business experience is then associated with your brand and is easier to remember.

Branding helps with building an emotional connection with your clients, who will then go on to recommend your services to others.

If you would like to discuss your branding strategy with us, then please get in touch.

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