Evolution of a brand

It’s always rewarding when you get the call from a marketing director you’ve worked with in the past who invites you to discuss the branding requirements of the company they have joined.

In this instance we have worked with the marketing director of Jayex for around 20+ years and built a trusted relationship based on previous outcomes, honest communication and a common desire to deliver solutions are distinctive, project brands ambitions and create a framework that will enable future growth.

On review of their existing branding and positioning it was clear, it neither reflected the capabilities of the business or gave them the platform for growth they required.

The existing brand looked tired, industrial, lacked confidence and was unmemorable in a mature and competitive market.

In order to fully understand the business and their objectives we worked closely with Jayex’s marketing director and his team so that we clearly understand their vision and aspirations for the business. Following our structured discovery process, we were able to identify the gaps and misalignment between perception and reality. These discoveries enabled us to work closely with the business in order to achieve realign and then implement the changes necessary to reposition the business and achieve their ambitions.

Jayex Evolution Video

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In addition to creating a fresh, confident and distinct logotype and brand, it was required to reflected the businesses repositioning: To deliver solutions that met the customer needs without complexity or unnecessarily elaborate. Solutions that provide clear benefit, simply and clearly. Solutions that were ‘Simply Invaluable’.

To achieve the stated objectives we broke the brand into its core elements: Shape, form, colour, presence. With the use of black and white as the primary palette, supported by a range of distinctive secondary highlight colours to provide emphasis to key messaging and instructions and the use of single stroke line illustrations and monotone imagery, we have achieved a bold, informative branding that is both authoritative and confident.

A brand that is distinct amongst its peers. A brand that is contemporary and reassuringly confident. A repositioning that makes a clear statement of intent and reflects change for the better – Think you know Jayex? Think again!