This article follows on from the last time we posted, and concerns the value of video in social media.

The most successful content marketers publish on several social media platforms on a regular basis. With so much content being shared across several platforms, it’s no wonder that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared than text-only content.

Following on from our last post on the use of video in social media, here are another four points to consider.

Sharing Breaking News

According to a recent survey, nearly half of adults communicate with businesses using at least one social media outlet. As a result, announcing and communicating your most essential news via video on social media is a fantastic idea.

On social media, using video to clarify themes and provide interesting insights into your organisation can help you deliver information that might otherwise be difficult to convey.

The advantage of distributing your information in this manner is that you keep the momentum going while delivering your message, resulting in a bigger effect.

Greater Exposure For Your Brand

Logos are significant because they act as a connection between a company and its customers, and video material is no exception.

After all, you want to maximise the amount of exposure your brand receives. Watermarking your films with your logo ensures instant brand recognition, adds associative significance to social media initiatives, and gradually builds corporate identity and trust.

Being relevant is one thing, but if your video’s quality isn’t up to par, it’ll be meaningless.

Poor audio and video quality tarnishes your message’s trustworthiness and can quickly lead to bad brand connections. However, you can dramatically improve user interaction by removing background noise and employing high-resolution renders.

Give Your Business Personality

Videos are a great way to show your followers the people and processes behind the scenes of your company, adding to the transparency of your brand.

If you can humanise what you do, it creates a strong image of the company; after all, people conduct business with people.

Behind-the-scenes movies show how you work and familiarise your audience with the individuals that work for you, indicating why they should want to work with you.

People who engage with you will begin to tune out if your content is not diverse, human, or engaging enough, or if you continue to post only business-related dry content.

Tracking Engagement

It’s necessary to keep track of your video’s progress to evaluate what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t.

Whether you used a paid campaign or posted content on your own, the effectiveness of your videos should help you with future video marketing initiatives. Most social media networks provide analytical features.

While views and shares are good indicators of your video’s success, click throughs and whether or not your desired call to action is working should also be monitored.

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