The way we communicate and consume information is constantly changing as a result of social media.

The most successful content marketers offer regular content across several social media platforms. With all of the content shared across different platforms, it’s no surprise that visual content is more than 40 times more likely to be shared than content that is entirely text based.

Video is no different. With 65 percent of SMEs and major organisations considering it the most engaging communication medium for their audiences, it is becoming an increasingly crucial part of the promotional artillery.

Do you feel that you’re getting the most out of your video assets on social media? By 2022, online videos will account for more than 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic, so you should be thinking about your possibilities. Here are five compelling reasons to incorporate video into your social media strategy.

Get attention

Video is a great way to keep your audience’s attention. Unlike a long-winded text, it is quite easy to comprehend. We’re all guilty of scanning through our social media feeds on autopilot, paying attention solely to the most engaging posts.

Video allows you to be brief and grab your audience’s interest in the first few seconds. Your ability to condense material into easily digestible chunks of content that are long enough to retain viewers’ attention, but short enough to leave them wanting more, is critical to your social media success.

You should provide obvious signals of the video’s objective at the outset, before users have a chance to scroll away.

Drive the conversation

Regardless of which social media channel you use to share your video, you should always have a purpose in mind. User action is frequently required to increase traffic to your website, purchase a product, or share your video.

Your call to action is your virtual handshake with your viewers. If they’ve watched a video all the way through, they’ve demonstrated interest. Then you must tell them to take the required action; anything as simple as “click here for more information” may work.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your videos, like the rest of your content, should be search engine optimised. Because social media platforms are increasingly acting as search engines, it’s vital that your content is relevant.

Create engaging names and descriptions for your video to help your content appear higher in search results. You may also use hashtags to augment them so that they show up in searches.

Twitter gives thorough information for each hashtag, including key demographics, allowing you to construct your search engine optimization strategy on a strong foundation.

Research Trending Topics

It’s vital to deliver relevant material to your audience. Video gives your brand a voice while also allowing you to capitalise on breaking news, customer behaviour, and other viral content.

Some of the finest brands use real-time techniques to become a part of the social conversation. Many popular hashtags (such as #MondayMotivation) recur weekly and appeal to a broad range of customer groups.

As a business, you want to create campaigns that get people talking, and linking your video to current events is an excellent method to do that.

We’ll delve deeper into this topic next time, but do contact us if you’d want to talk about your social media strategy.

Make Your Messaging Unique

You can only talk about one issue at a time when you post a video on social media. It’s similar to having a discussion. Otherwise, your viewers will quickly lose interest.

While keeping your call to action in mind, your video should tell a story that leaves viewers wanting more. If you’re adding something to the video that doesn’t contribute directly to the call to action, you might want to take it out.

Many of your video assets can be reworked to focus on a certain theme. If done right, the asset can last for months, and you’ll have interesting content for the foreseeable future.

Join us next time when we will look at more strategies for using video in social media.

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