So you have a website – you’re a smart business owner, of course you have a website.

It works just fine thank you very much. It’s not as quick as others, it’s not mobile responsive and it looks a little out-dated, but it works. You check out your competition, they mostly look the same; so you can hang on a bit longer, no need to spend any money on it right now is there?

Come on now smart business owner, you know it doesn’t work like that! Having a website that is not up to standard will be hurting your business, even if you can’t see it.

In a world of smart phones and tablets, recent Google algorithm updates (affectionately known as Mobilegeddon) mean that it prioritises mobile-friendly content over all, meaning your non-responsive site will be rapidly slipping down the rankings.

Not only that, but it is estimated that 60% of internet use now occurs on mobile devices and if your site is not optimised for mobile, 40% of users will choose a different result if their initial search is not responsive. Do you really want to be missing out on all of that potential business, literally driving away customers?

If that isn’t enough to convince you, consider the security risks. A website that isn’t being kept up to date and monitored is high risk and vulnerable to spammers and hackers.

This could potentially mean people building innumerable spammy links to your site, pointing links to your site from other undesirable sites, removing your best backlinks or quite simply just straight up hacking into it. All the while this negative SEO builds and you slip further and further down the rankings, damaging your business reputation and leaving you with one heck of a mess to clean up.

All of this of course can be avoided if you choose to make the investment in your website sooner rather than later. After all, your website is your most powerful marketing tool and investment in good marketing makes perfect business sense. But you know that, you’re a smart business owner after all!

So, is updating your website an investment worth making? Absolutely, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a recent quote from a client received just weeks after we launched their newly updated website:

“We have just had another family who made their decision to appoint us based on our new website, so it has already paid for itself!

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