It's all about telling a tale with content.

Your major objective as a content creator is to communicate a message that motivates, persuades, and convinces your audience to take action, whether it be through a story about your product, your customers, or perhaps even compliance improvements.

However, the success of the story depends on how it is told.

Even if you have a compelling story to tell, your audience won’t be as motivated to act if you convey it poorly. Video animation can be useful in this situation.

A rich, interesting media that is affordable, simple to administer, and will make your main ideas stand out is animated video. It provides all the advantages of a visual medium with far less resource usage than you may anticipate.

The benefits of using animated video

Anything goes when it comes to animated videos. Allow your creativity to soar!

It enables you to effortlessly bring any idea to life, no matter how complicated or fantastical it may be.

The simplicity with which you may graphically represent abstract concepts makes employing animated video one of its potential biggest advantages.

If you want to depict something enormous (like world logistics), minute (like a microprocessor’s operation), or perhaps abstract? (like Bitcoin), you can use animation.

With animated video, it’s simple to convey complex thoughts without any limitations on a screen.

Animated text vs video

Utilising animated video is best done for its rich media qualities. Videos are often made comprised of images that represent rich media moments.

It is simple and effective to convey vital concepts through this visual medium, which engages the senses. The best element is that viewers can ingest visual content far more readily than word and that it has a more lasting effect.

Cartoon watching is one of our oldest (and possibly favourite) memories of being young. Cartoons are so engrossing because they’re colourful, entertaining, and above all else, fun.

The human brain is drawn to moving imagery, and animated video is no exception.
Content shock is a genuine problem that affects all enterprises. But because there is so much “noise” in the digital sphere, content producers need to figure out how to set their work apart from the competition.

Animation in video is a fantastic medium for achieving that goal.

Live action video vs animated video

The absence of a sizable budget is one of the greatest problems most video producers have.

Finding the right performers, choosing a location, purchasing the necessary equipment, and paying for video production are typical live-action video expenses.

On the other hand, animated video only requires software, such as Adobe After Effects. You only need to subscribe in order to start producing animated videos of the highest calibre.

The requirement for increased content creation in video production is a related difficulty. The demand for more interesting material increases as your firm expands.

You could first require an introductory explainer film for your product or service. You soon start to produce gated assets that require supplemental videos. Or, even more difficult, you must produce a training video that helps your team in implementing a new procedure for your customers.

Over the past few years, there has been significant growth in content creation, and for good reason. But upgrading all of your outdated content is one of the difficulties. Whether you’re a trainer updating compliance information, a salesperson reviewing previous presentations, or a marketing rebranding, updating content can be a difficult and time consuming process.

However, video content presents an even greater difficulty. You simply cannot re-shoot sequences or change crucial components of your message if you use live-action video without taking a variety of elements into consideration.

However, that is an area where animated video excels.

Since animated videos are simpler to update, they offer more versatility. You may go back and adjust animations, change text, or even completely redo your entire video.

By transforming dull statistics into a visual feast, static infographics have become a popular method of data visualisation. But lately, infographics have gotten more visually cluttered since they are text- or data-heavy.

What happens if you let a reader see a static infographic on their own? They skim it quickly and likely miss a lot of the information. This is made worse if the infographic is text- or data-heavy or otherwise unnecessarily cluttered.

Animated infographics can be useful in this situation. A “guided tour” around the content is offered via animated infographics, which has two advantages:

  • The viewer’s progress through the material can be managed
  • Rich media (movement, music, sound effects, graphic components, etc.) can be used to accentuate certain points

If you’d like to know more, or you have any questions about how video and animation can benefit you then please get in touch.

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