It's time to embrace video as one of the most popular forms of online entertainment.

In the previous year, over 80% of organisations claimed to have included video into their marketing plan. Over 90% of these businesses state that video marketing is essential to their continuous approach to promoting their business.

We’ll look at several ways to improve your video-related marketing strategy in this article.

SEO Friendly Videos

What about videos that have been search engine optimised?

According to a recent Forrester analysis, videos have a more than 50-fold higher chance of appearing on the first page of search results than other traditional SEO tactics. Brightedge reports that when video snippets appear next to 26% of search results on Google, users are more likely to click on them.

So how can you use videos to enhance your search engine ranking? Focus on three areas: consistency, relevancy, and optimisation.

First, make sure every movie you make has a unique goal. Make them relevant to consumers by answering their questions, educating them about important topics related to your business, and creating interesting video content.

Afterwards, aim for uniformity. Maintaining consistency is essential to improving your ranks, just like it is with traditional SEO content. To improve website traffic, create and publish videos on a regular basis.

Finally, but just as importantly, remember to use important technical optimisation strategies like title tags, relevant thumbnail photo selection, keyword stuffing in descriptions, and commenting.


We are aware that brand storytelling is one of the finest ways to connect with consumers, engage audiences, and develop your brand identity. A fantastic method for telling those stories is a video blog.

By presenting the author or brand as the primary character and recounting events, problems, and experiences from their perspective, they help readers better understand who they are.

Influencers have also perfected the art of vlogging, with a wide range of topics covered, such as parenting, sports, pet care, and travel.

They have raised the stakes for traditional bloggers in a world where even great text-only tales can’t keep readers engaged.

The bulk of vlog content is created by individual artists, therefore businesses should take advantage of this video marketing trend.

Vlogs are a great way to showcase the personality of your brand, build a relationship between your team and your audience, and entice people to watch more.

Social Media Stories

Like vlogs, social media tales are more intimate than other forms of video since they showcase a company’s personality. Stories on social media, though, don’t necessarily mirror one another.

They are mostly meant to be less formal. Similar to how vlogs are an edited version of your brand’s overarching story, social media stories are the everyday outtakes that don’t belong in the final result.

Stories on social media can offer present a variety of ways to engage your audience in conversation.

Utilise Instagram’s question feature to start a Q&A session with your audience.

After surveys to get their opinions on the ideas and goods.

Get customers to tag you in their own tales so you can see how they are wearing and using your merchandise.

Silent Video Content

Marketers now create videos that are meant to be seen quietly. Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? After all, having both sound and vision is the main goal of a video. That is no longer the case, though.

Surprisingly, 85% of Facebook videos are seen without sound.

In fact, eighty percent of consumers claim to respond unfavourably when an advertisement plays a sound, usually loudly and unexpectedly.

People watch movies on their cellphones everywhere they go: in crowded waiting rooms, on public transportation, in classrooms, and even at meetings.

This means that if you want people to stay and watch your content, you should think about making it as good as it can be for silent viewing.

Fortunately, closed captioning typically suffices to maintain viewers’ interest.

People watch commercials with captions for an average of 12% longer than they do uncaptioned videos.

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