If you’re not already convinced that video has fully arrived as one the top types of web entertainment, it’s time to jump on board.

More than 80% of organisations said they used video as part of their overall marketing strategy the previous year. More than 90% of these companies claim that video marketing is crucial to their ongoing strategy.

In this article, we’ll examine some methods for enhancing your video-related marketing plan.

SEO Friendly Videos

What about videos that have been optimised for search? SEO is nothing new.

Videos are more than 50 times more likely than other conventional SEO strategies to result in first-page rankings, according to a recent Forrester study. According to Brightedge, Google is now showing video snippets next to 26% of search results, and when they do, consumers are more inclined to click them.

How can videos be used to improve search engine results, then? Concentrate on three things: optimization, relevancy, and consistency.

First, make sure each of your films has a distinct purpose. Make them relevant to customers by responding to their inquiries, enlightening them on crucial matters pertaining to your brand, and producing engaging video content.

Next, strive for consistency. Just like with traditional SEO material, consistency is crucial to boosting your ranks. Consistently produce video content, and post it on your website to increase visitors.

Last but not least, don’t forget to implement crucial technical optimization techniques like title tags, keywords in descriptions, selecting relevant thumbnail photos, and engaging with comments.


We are aware that one of the best methods to engage audiences, interact with customers, and establish your brand personality is through brand storytelling. Video blogs are a great tool for telling those stories.

They present the author or brand as the main character, narrating issues, occasions, and experiences from their point of view and assisting customers in better comprehending who they are.

Another strategy that influencers have mastered is vlogging; you can find vlogs on pretty much any subject, including parenting, sports, pet care, and travel.

In a world where even excellent text-only storylines are insufficient to keep people interested, they have raised the stakes for traditional bloggers.

It’s time for firms to embrace this video marketing trend because data also reveals that the majority of vlog content is produced by individual artists.

Vlogs are a terrific way to show off your brand personality, establish a connection between your staff and your audience, and keep viewers coming back for more.

Social Media Stories

Similar to vlogs, social media tales highlight a company’s personality and foster a closer relationship with viewers than other types of video. However, social media stories don’t always resemble one another.

They are mostly intended to be more informal. Social media stories are the daily outtakes that don’t belong in the finished product, much in the same way that vlogs are an edited version of your brand’s overall story.

Social media stories can also provide a number of opportunities for interaction with your audience.

Use Instagram’s question function to engage your audience in a Q&A session.

Post surveys to collect their feedback on the products and concepts.

To share how customers are wearing or using your items, get them to tag you in their own stories.

Silent Video Content

Today, marketers produce videos that are intended to be watched quietly. Sounds ridiculous, right? The purpose of a video, after all, is to have both sound and vision. Well, that is no longer the case.

Unbelievably, 85 percent of Facebook videos are viewed silently.

In fact, when an advertisement plays a sound unexpectedly (and usually loudly), 80% of customers say they react negatively.

Everywhere they go, people are using their cellphones to watch movies, including busy waiting areas, public transport, classrooms, and even meetings.

This means that you should consider optimising your content for silent watching if you are aiming for people to stay and watch it.

The good news is that adding closed captions is usually enough to keep viewers interested.

In comparison to videos without captions, people watch advertisements with captions for about 12% longer on average.

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