There are countless new websites appearing due to WordPress's popularity

Many of these websites, however, use pre-made WordPress themes that can be purchased from marketplace websites like Themeforest.

This indicates that there are many websites that are quite similar. These websites also have some serious issues.

The ideal strategy to launch the website for your business is to work with a creative firm rather than employing a pre-made template.

Let’s examine a few issues with creating your own website with a pre-made WordPress theme.

Off the peg WordPress themes are not built for you and your needs

The primary issue with pre-made WordPress themes is that they weren’t created for you, they were made to be sold. They are a generic solution that was created to appeal to as many people as possible.

WordPress theme authors must sell and ship as much “product” as they can in order to make any money at all. They must therefore appeal to the largest potential target audience.

Additionally, you are constantly forced to compromise and adapt because they were not created with you especially in mind.

In addition, many themes don’t take into account your user base and target demographic because they weren’t created expressly for you.

The purpose of your website is to promote your company. An off the shelf solution is never the best choice for your website, whether the goal is to generate leads, close sales, or spread awareness.

Bloated, unused code

Off-the-shelf themes have a bloated codebase because they aren’t created for specific requirements but rather to appeal to a broad variety of clients.

Having a lot of unnecessary code on your website can hurt its speed and SEO.

Your website has too much code if it has a bloated codebase. And a large portion of it goes unused. Therefore, when it is not necessary, it simply sits there.

This occurs with pre-made WordPress themes because they aim to give their purchasers a lot of modification possibilities.

This, however, can result in a lot of extra, pointless code on your website.

Difficult for developers to work with

Even under the best of circumstances, it can be challenging to read into and modify someone else’s code.

However, the coding in these low-quality themes and templates is frequently shoddy and uncommented.

Professional designers and developers provide readability for when others need to access and modify their code by commenting within it.

Off-the-shelf themes and templates frequently lack comments and are written in a style that is difficult for experts to understand.

One of the fundamental principles and tenets of WordPress is that switching agencies or developers is a simple process should you ever need to do so. due to solid code and commenting practices.

In contrast, a professional developer has total control when creating something from scratch and can write clear, concise code that is simple for others to read and build upon in the future.

They can be overly reliant on plugins

Many pre-made themes and templates need to be customised with plugins in order to look and operate exactly like the sample website.

The plugins that are chosen are frequently large and bloated too because these off-the-shelf themes need to have a broad and universal appeal.

When you can load in sliders and accordions with a 100kb–200kb file of your own, there should be no need for 5mb–20mb plugin files.

Inflexible, limited design options

The design options provided by pre-made themes might be extremely constrained.

They only have a limited amount of possibilities and concepts pre-built into them. If you need to break the mould after that, you run into a brick wall.

Once more, this occurs because they must appeal to a diverse group of people in order to generate revenue.

If you use a pre-made theme, you’ll probably have to “shoe horn” your material into position so that it fits the mould of someone who has no prior knowledge of your business.

Such a theme is purchased using a fairly “cookie cutter” method. There is a mould; you must bend to fit it rather than the other way around.

And that’s not how a website should operate. Your website ought to be working for you rather than the other way around.

No relationship with the designer and developer

When you purchase an existing theme, the “comments area” of the theme website is likely to be the only point of contact you have with the seller, or perhaps a support forum where responses take three days to arrive.

Working with a design firm to create your own WordPress theme will make that simple to fix. Establishing a partnership with a design agency can benefit your company by simplifying your life.

Your design agency can create a theme just for you rather than forcing you to modify one that is already created.

They can then collaborate with you to build the ideal solution while taking into account what you require from your website.

By enlisting the aid of a design firm, you can steer clear of common web design blunders, communicate your thoughts and ideas to them, and count on them to support you as your company expands and your needs change.


At Williams&Crosby, we construct each of our websites using WordPress. However, there are proper and improper ways to go about it.

Cheap themes will function temporarily, and for a while, they’ll be inexpensive to put up.

But nothing compares to building your website and making it work for you while working with a seasoned design firm.

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