The pitch

We were tasked by the Rossendale Trust to produce a series of promotional videos. These videos would illustrate the quality of care and activities provided by the Rossendale Trust, as well as showing the pleasant and rewarding work environment for potential staff.

Key to this would be to show the interaction between residents and carers, the fantastic facilities and the beautiful location.

Rossendale Apartments Advert

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Rossendale Apartments Promotional Video

In the first of the videos created for Rossendale Trust, the viewer is taken you on a quick tour of some of the facilities and bedrooms in Rossendale’s onsite apartments.

The video shows how residents are encouraged to personalise their rooms so they are familiar and are as individual as the residents themselves.

Rossendale Art Activities Advert

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Rossendale Art Activities

This video showcases some of the varied art and craft activities on offer to all residents at Rossendale Trust.

Rossendale’s friendly and creative team classes are shown to be stimulating, fun and sociable.

Rossendale Canalside Apartments Advert

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Rossendale Canalside Apartments

In this video we highlight Rossendale Trusts off site, purpose built apartments at canalside, a peaceful location just outside the town centre, overlooking the canal.

This short video shows the variety in accommodation that is available, with each apartment being unique to needs and likes of the resident.

Rossendale Cookery Activities Advert

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Rossendale Cookery Activities

The cookery activities video shows how with the help of Rossendale’s trained chef and support staff, residents take part in cookery sessions.

Residents help to prepare and cook healthy, nutritious homemade meals which they then share with fellow residents, very tasty!

Rossendale Video Gaming Activities Advert

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Rossendale Video Gaming Activities

Residents enjoy a variety of computerised interactive activities and video games which encourage physical activity, coordination, collaboration and social skills with fellow residents and their support staff alike.

Rossendale Music Activities Advert

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Rossendale Music Activities

Communal music activities, including singing and dancing bring the residents and the support team together to create a great sense of fun whilst building social interactivity, teamwork and strong bonds throughout the Rossendale Trust family.

Rossendale Recruitment Video

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Rossendale Recruitment Video

In this video we feature interviews with the staff, and highlight why they chose to work at Rossendale Trust, as well as the challenges and rewards working within supported living brings to them.

Rossendale Worktaste Program Advert

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Rossendale Worktaste Program

This video provides insight into Rossendale Trust’s Worktaste program.

This shows how the program helps residents gain valuable work experience and integrate with the local community, helping them build their confidence, self belief and become a valued member of the working team.

Rossendale Media Activities Advert

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Rossendale Media Activities

The media activities video shows residents participating in media related activities, including printing and information technology.

These activities enable residents to expand their skills and knowledge, whilst also taking part in the production of ceramics that are sold at various events throughout the year to help fundraising for Rossendale Trust and its residents.

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