How do you get a large customer to use your product?

It’s still about showing at the best exhibitions for many of us.

Although online images are constantly getting better, nothing quite seals the deal like a live demonstration or display.

But expensive displays are rare. You must ensure that you will extract the most value possible from the opportunity because they need a significant investment of both time and money. To assist you take full advantage of your exhibition opportunity, here are our exhibition tips.

Pick the right show

Be specific about your goals and learn as much as you can about the top programmes in your field. Find out which trade fairs your type of product or service would be expected to be displayed at by asking your suppliers and existing clients. If you can, go to the event to get a sense of who will be there and to ask the present exhibitors about their experiences.

Have the backing

What promotional items must you bring with you to the event? All of it, including banners to adorn your booth, may be obtained from a reputable online printer. Make sure you have plenty of business cards at the very least, and depending on what you are promoting, you might want to have brochures or information packets.

Naturally, you should also check to see if you have everything you need to make or take sales. That ought to contain printed order forms as well as online ones that customers can access immediately using a laptop or iPad. Prior to the event, your online storefront should be ready.

A system for gathering contacts should also be included in your stand kit. Even today, the tried-and-true business card raffle is worthwhile. Additionally, encourage visitors to subscribe to your online newsletter for exclusive discounts and information.

Have a team

When you attend an exhibition alone, it might be challenging to get the most of it. At the very least, you will need bathroom breaks, and it would be a shame to lose the opportunity to network with individuals in your industry.

If you want to bring along a team or at least one other person, such as a friend, coworker, or relative, make your plans well in advance. Whoever you bring along, make sure you thoroughly brief them and practise the main points you want to make.

Get marketing

Promotions must begin far in advance of the event. Is there a bigger PR angle you might use for a press release, such the introduction of a new line?

Could you extend an invitation to current clients and colleagues to stop by your booth for cake and champagne?

Speak up

Speaking opportunities are frequently available at exhibitions. Donate your time if you can. You might even have a line because it will give folks something to chat to you about!

Nowadays, the majority of events now have a Twitter hashtag, which provides a further level of interaction and direct advertising to the event.

Dress to impress

What impression do you want customers to have of your company? Make sure that your marketing materials, exhibition display stand, and personal appearance support whatever emotion it is, such as luxury, fun, or security.

Regardless of whether you’re going for a high-end or hippie-inspired aesthetic, proper grooming is as crucial for the overall effect. Keep your emphasis firmly on the most important things; avoid clutter and the desire to display everything.

Be welcoming

Exhibitions require a lot of energy. However, you don’t want that important client to drop by as you and a coworker are huddled together complaining. Try your best to remain focused and awake, to project a pleasant, open energy, to keep your head up, and to smile.

When your ideal customer comes across your booth, they will be happy to see you. Please keep in mind that visitors to exhibitions also become tired.

Offering small snacks, candies, or even a bottle of water is a considerate act that not only improves customers’ perceptions of your company but also encourages them to stop by and stay a while.

Be conversational

It is beneficial to see an exhibition as a chance for both market research and sales. You’ll come out as curious rather than frantic! Think of a few conversation starters other than “Can I assist you?” That’s the end of the conversation, not the beginning!

You might do this by offering them refreshments or by asking them to name the highlight of the event thus far. The goal is to encourage customers to provide feedback on your goods or services. A closer inspection might lead to a sale.

Or, if you think they would be a customer, obtain their contact information so you can give them additional information, free samples, exclusive deals, or updates.


No, it isn’t done yet! Until you’ve completed the follow-up, you are not permitted to fall in a heap.

The earliest moment is ideal. Maintain all of your commitments, add contacts to your system, and at the very least, thank visitors personally via email.

Sometimes just that is enough to make the deal.


Was it worthwhile? Have the tips from the exhibit paid off?

Don’t forget to gauge the exhibition’s impact in terms of sales, opportunities, and potential and current customers.

You could be surprised by the findings, which should inform your marketing plan. There is constantly room for development. What will you change for the future?

If you would like to know more about exhibitions then please get in touch.

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