What Makes A Good Landing Page And Why Are They Important?

A landing page is a standalone web page that is the crucial element of any good digital marketing campaign.

A good landing page is the key to successful lead generation, however all too often companies are unaware of this and instead direct potential customers simply towards their homepage instead.

But can the customer find what they are looking for on your homepage? Is the content relevant to the link they clicked, or will they have to go digging? In which case…will they even bother?

A landing page is an absolute must-have if you want to have a successful marketing campaign with a high conversion rate. The potential customer needs to be taken directly to a page that is relevant to what they were searching for, contains all the information that they need as well as a call to action to seal the deal.

Using a dedicated landing page instead of your website homepage means that you can gain tangible, measurable results from your campaign, instead of merely increasing traffic to your site without any meaningful conversions.

So, you know why you need one, but what makes a good landing page?

Firstly, as mentioned above, you should never use your homepage as your landing page for a marketing campaign. Even if you have an all-singing, all-dancing brand new website that you’re really proud of and want to show off, a dedicated landing page will still perform better at converting leads into sales because that is it’s sole purpose.

Some key elements


Make it clear – what is the product/service?


Sell it – what’s so great about your product/service, why should the customer choose it?

Imagery / Video

Supporting imagery to engage the customer and showcase the product/service. Videos or animation are even better for this if possible.

Call To Action

The most important element of the page. Direct customers to the next step and capture their information with a contact form, download link or similar.

What else should you consider?

Keep it simple

Don’t bombard a potential customer with too much information; they don’t want to read reams of text, they want to scan a page and know that your product or service is exactly what they’re looking for. Have a clear objective in mind for your page content and don’t stray from that.

Keep it relevant

Don’t direct customers from a link that says it’s for a demo of your brand new product to a page that’s about your business history and all the other wonderful things you do with the demo hidden away at the bottom of the page. That’s not the objective here! Make sure that the content on your landing page matches the customer’s expectations; you don’t want them hitting the back button.

Keep them there!

If a customer hits your landing page and doesn’t find exactly what they were looking for, chances are they’ll exit without much of a second glance. Don’t let that happen! Follow the advice above and add to that a limited navigation on the page (if you even have any navigation at all) and you should have a winning formula for a good conversion rate.

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