Direct mail marketing is still a viable strategy to help small businesses make money.

Many digital marketers want you to think that direct mail is no longer effective. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

One of the best ways to reach your target market and draw more customers into your small business is still through direct mail marketing. Consumers are becoming more aware of direct mail thanks to recent improvements, which are helping the medium advance.

The greatest strategy to spread awareness of your business is to use multiple channels to connect with a variety of consumers. Prospective clients may be encouraged to interact with brands on other platforms using direct mail.

In this article we will look at some key reasons for using direct mail, and how to best implement a direct mail strategy.

Relieving Digital Overload

People typically spend five hours per day staring at a laptop, four and a half hours per day watching TV, four and a half hours per day staring at their smartphone, and more than three hours per day playing video games.

Marketers’ scepticism about their capacity to make digital messaging memorable is understandable.

By requiring consumers to look up from their computers and giving them a tactile experience, direct mail can help reduce “Digital Overload”.

Less competition

The amount of direct mail has been gradually decreasing over the past ten years as small businesses experiment with alternate ways of promotion.

Customers receive less direct mail as more businesses switch to digital marketing, which allows your message to take the lead.

Use personalisation and target your customer

Prospective clients are more likely to respond positively to personalised direct mail. They will understandably believe that you put some effort into learning their name rather than just broadcasting your message.

The capability of direct mail to target particular customer demographics is one of its benefits.

Look for systems that let companies target clients with direct mail based on their age, income, and household size.

Try to target new residents with tested offers before they start to support your rivals.

Additionally, you might think about combining your direct mail plan with a digital strategy to target clients in many ways and boost return on investment.

Track your direct mail

To make sure you’re on the correct track, monitor your direct mail campaign. If your direct mail platform doesn’t offer a tracking option, including a call to action is an excellent method to track your campaign.

A call to action could be as straightforward as providing a QR code that leads them to a particular landing page. You may track the effectiveness of your direct mailer by gathering offers from direct mailers in-store.

Marketing via direct mail is not extinct. Direct mail must be a significant part of your multichannel marketing plan, as time has repeatedly shown.

It can aid your marketing efforts and bring more customers to your small business if you take the time to tailor, target, and track your mailers.

If you would like to discuss your options with direct mail then please get in touch.

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