The brief

To work alongside the clients marketing and senior team to gain a deep understanding of the business, it’s objective and aspirations. To undertake competitor and current brand analysis in order to provide a brand framework that would enable the business better compete within their current and provide a platform to broaden its sector reach. To create a brand that is:

  • Current
  • Confident
  • Clean
  • Distinct
  • Recognisable
  • Didn’t follow sector convention
  • Fits with their ethos of: Simplicity, Necessary, Enhancement and Invaluable

On review it was identified that Jayex’s existing brand neither reflected the business current position in the market or it’s ambitions. The branding looked tired and underwhelming.

The font used was weak, commonly used and indistinct. The blue and overall logo was rigid and aggressive, resulting in a dated, mechanical brand that was better suited to a 1980’s engineering company. A far cry from a modern, confident, and progressive healthcare solutions provider.

Jayex Logo Evolution

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Our solution was to create a brand framework that was clean, confident and purposeful, yet friendly, contemporary and confident.

A logotype and brand that would stand out amongst competing sector brands. That would be distinctive in a sector of lookalikes and that reflected the repositioning of delivering solutions based on clear purposeful simplicity.

The final logo type development involved several critical elements including:

    • Selection of a clean, strong, contemporary core typeface that could be easily and efficiently adopted across all platforms including print and digital (Poppins).
    • Development of the core typeface so that it became distinct and the client had ownership of the solution
    • Simplifying and removal of unnecessary element e.g. the dot over the ‘J’
    • Setting the logo to lowercase to make it more approachable whilst the removal of the dot over the ‘j’ brought it the authority of a capitalised ‘J’
    • Curving the decender on the ‘J’ in order to soften the logo type and balance out the angular ‘Y’ and ‘X’ and make it uniquely Jayex
    • Adding a distinct colour highlight that broken sector convention and gave stand out in a mature sector
    • Creation of a logo mark with the ‘x’ so it could be used in isolation and creates a branding shorthand that would become a recognisable mark in its own right
    • Reducing the decenders of the ‘J’ and ‘Y’, then reducing the spacing between letters created a more compact logo type with increased visual presence