Remember when you first had your brand visuals designed?

You were so excited viewing the final draft of your logo, the look of your typefaces and colour pallete gave you butterflies. The design, the iconography, the message and overall ‘feel’ was exactly how you wanted to introduce your business to the world – it was all so fresh…

…These days, not so much.

Sure, it’s been a few years (maybe a few more than that, actually) – that old spark has definitely burnt out, and the logo device isn’t ‘bad’, per se – it’s just not what you’d call ‘cutting edge’ in the design department anymore. Everything’s just looking a little bit… tired.

Sound familiar?

As simple as it would be to create your perfect brand identity and then never have to think about it again, that sadly isn’t the reality. The visual tools your brand uses to show your customers that essence of who you are, i.e. your logos, supporting typefaces and colours; need to be updated every once in a while to keep your overall brand’s messaging on-point and pertinent.

If you don’t refresh your toolkit every now and again, you risk becoming irrelevant and obsolete — working with outmoded visuals that looks out-of-date can make engaging with your followers and attracting new customers that much harder.

As with anything, design and visual preferences follow trends – and while it wouldn’t be practical (or sensible!) to update your logo with every slight twitch of the aesthetics weathervane, it is prudent to keep abreast of these trends as they evolve.

It’s likely you will only observe slight changes in the design landscape over the course of a year, but these small transformations add up over time – to the point that, over a 3-5 year period, your visuals will start to look like a refresh is needed.

Balance is the key here – you have spent a lot of time, effort and money building equity in your brand, so you don’t want to change things up too often, or (usually) too drastically. A sudden and major design transformation, unless absolutely necessary, can cause confusion to your customers, and a complete disconnect with your overall brand identity. It can also be very costly.

A total overhaul isn’t usually the answer, but slight updates to your logo, colour palette, font, and messaging can go a long way toward rejuvenating your look and keeping your customers engaged.

It’s likely that your company itself has adapted and grown in the years since you first launched your brand, so this would be the perfect opportunity to show that to the public by way of an updated look.

Next time, we will take a look at brand consistency.

If you’d like to discuss your branding or you have any other questions then please get in touch.

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