What's holding back your video marketing?

Video marketers still struggle with their strategies despite having the best return on investment (ROI) of any media kind.

This article will look at the problems that marketers encounter and how to solve them.

Not having the time to create your own video content

Finding the time to juggle everything is a struggle for marketers because they cover many bases and produce various sorts of content on many platforms.

It should come as no surprise that the biggest problem for video marketers is a lack of time to produce video content. They also mention that pre-production, which entails coming up with concepts, writing a transcript, casting, etc., takes up the most time when discussing a shortage of time.

Having a successful video strategy is one of the best methods to overcome a shortage of time to produce video content.

Not having a large budget to create content

A video marketing budget takes into account every step of the production process, from storyboarding to advertising your films to generate a high return on investment.

If you’re having problems creating a budget, consider using the following breakdown of a typical marketing budget:

Production accounts for 23% of the total.
Pre-production accounts for 26% of total time.
Post-production accounts for about 27% of total time.

Finding it difficult to formulate a cohesive video strategy

For video marketers, having a strategy is essential to success. Nevertheless, many who have used the format think it is the second most difficult aspect of video marketing.

The process for developing a video marketing strategy is similar to all others if you’re trying to overcome this obstacle: you need to identify your target audience, align with the necessary stakeholders, set timelines and budgets, select distribution channels, develop messaging, and choose how you’ll measure success.

According to marketers, some extra aspects to take into account when developing your approach are:

How you’ll successfully advertise your video clip.
How you’re going to grab people’s attention right away.
How you plan to write short, clear videos.

Not having enough content ideas

Lack of content ideas is cited as a major marketing difficulty by 30% of marketers. If you’re facing the similar problem, the following high-quality and successful content ideas may help:
Marketers who employ content say that it provides the best return on investment when it features goods or services.

The second most leveraged and second most successful sort of content in terms of driving leads and engagement is material that exemplifies your brand’s values.
Trendy content referencing current events and cultural occasions receives a lot of interaction.

The newest investments in the coming year will increasingly focus on relatable content.
Having trouble with producing, filming and editing videos

A poll revealed the following advice from marketers on the production of videos:

As 62 percent of marketers who own equipment say the production process is “simple,” making the investment in your own video equipment will pay off in the long run.

Adobe Premiere Pro is the most used programme for editing videos.

For creating video content, 44% of marketers use an iPhone as their main camera.

You may also organise your studio in advance to make sure you have everything you need, write a script and prepare your shot list, prep talent by providing them the script in advance, and all of these things will help the video production process go more easily.

People enjoy video content, so engage with them where they want to be

Video is a top-consuming and preferred media medium, according to consumer behaviour.

As a result, dealing with the typical video marketing difficulties will assist you in satisfying the needs of your audience, increasing engagement, and making an impact that lasts.

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