What are they, how do we go about creating them and what use are they for your business? We answer all your burning questions here!

What Is An Infographic?

Put simply, an infographic is a graphical representation of information or data. It is the perfect way to present processes or information to your customers in an engaging, interesting format.

A well-designed infographic should allow the customer to take in the data or information presented to them with a quick scan, rather than having to stand and read long paragraphs or decipher complicated tables.

How Do We Create An Infographic?

When we get a brief in from a client to create an infographic, whether it is to explain a new business procedure, a new product or process or to introduce the benefits of a new product, we are given the raw information – but how does this get transformed into an infographic?

What are the most important elements, what design aspects must be considered and how do we begin to lay them out? I asked our Senior Designer Phil and he gave me his 5 top tips for creating an effective infographic.

Its not just about making things look pretty! The most important thing is making the information/stats easier to digest. Simplicity is key.

To begin with, always try to create a theme relating the subject matter. This will set the tone for the rest of the design. This might be directly related or something more abstract, but it will guide you in creating the overall picture.

One of the main considerations is providing information at a glance. The design needs to have instant impact; this can come from bold graphics, colours or a quirky concept. Whatever it is, it has to capture the attention of the customer.

Another key thing to consider is that a good infographic should reinforce a company’s brand. It should be immediately recognisable, so that when it is seen and shared it can always be linked back to your business identity.

In order that the client can get maximum usage from an infographic design, it is also really important that the layout of the graphic itself is flexible. This means that it can be reformatted to fit a variety of mediums, whether it be for web, print, exhibition stands etc.

Why Do I Need An Infographic?

Infographics have a wide range of uses across multiple sectors. They can be used as informative posters around offices or factories, presenting health & safety advice or company policy.

They are ideally suited to exhibition stands, to help introduce existing and prospective clients to a new product or solution in a way they immediately engages their attention.

Infographics are also ideal to use as shareable content across your social media platforms, increasing brand awareness and promoting your product or solution.

Our Macclesfield marketing agency are experts at visual information solutions.

If you’re interested in having an infographic created for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we could help – we’d be happy to talk through any thoughts you might have (we make a good cuppa too!).

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