What are the main points to consider when planning an exhibition stand?

In this article we will be covering the main areas and key points for creating a succesful exhibition stand.

Set your goals

What your goals are and why you’re exhibiting must be clearly defined before you can design your exhibition stand. You can make sure that your message is effectively conveyed through your exhibition stand in this way.

Depending on your goals, one of the following display designs will be necessary to make your stand as successful as possible:

Generating sales
Do you and your team wish to develop relationships with current and potential customers while generating direct sales or inquiries during your exhibition?

Launching a product
Do you wish to set up exhibits and interactive places for customers to learn more about a new service or product?

Market research
Are you seeking for comments or survey responses, or are you testing a promotion or campaign?

Brand awareness
Would you like to see your brand become more well-known in a certain industry or grow into new markets?

Do you want to connect with business contacts, industry experts, investors, or alternative suppliers and distributors to broaden your company network?

Identify and focus on your target audience

Once your exhibition goals have been established, you should think about your target audience. Think about the attendees’ demographics and who your booth will be aimed towards.

The exhibition should be designed with these visitors in mind, taking into account how to pique their interest and what will catch their attention among the numerous things on display.

Use the available space and choose the right stand

When exhibiting, where your stand is located within a space is crucial since it affects how much area you have to work with.

With a custom-built display, you can make the most of the available space, which may be limited.

A variety of exhibition stand options are available, including modular displays, shell scheme stands, and substantial traditional structures.

In addition to providing you with a free quote, an experienced contractor will assist you in selecting the ideal exhibition stand to suit your needs and budget.

Think about the placement of your marketing message

Every exhibition stand design seeks to stand out from the competition, and a bespoke design gives you total freedom to achieve that goal.

For all kinds of events, large, stunning stands can be quite successful, but they are not always required. When the positioning of the marketing message is thoroughly thought out, smaller displays can have just as much of an impact.

The focal point of your advertising objective—the essential phrase, slogan, or image—should be prominently shown on your display. To avoid being obstructed by visitors and to be visible from a distance, text and photos should be placed high up on your stand.

Don’t use too much text

Reading your slogan or visuals with too much text might be challenging and may even discourage people from reading it at all.

Therefore, you must strike the appropriate balance between compelling graphics and written content to grab viewers’ attention and effectively convey your main point.

Your text’s font, size, and colour are all important stand design components.

Work with experienced designers that have an excellent eye for detail to make sure that even the smallest aspects of your design matter.

Maintain consistent branding

The design of an exhibition stand must be consistent with all other corporate branding because it is a distinct component of a company’s marketing plan.

In order to be easily recognisable, your display’s logo, colours, strapline, and literature should all perfectly reflect your company image.

Consistency is necessary in how your firm is presented because brand-new clients you encounter at events are likely to follow up later by visiting the website.

Create an interactive stand

Fun accessories, cutting-edge technology, and entertaining video content are excellent tools for attracting people to your booth and effectively communicating additional technical details about your goods or services.

Visitors are more likely to stay at your booth longer and ask more questions about your services when they are engaged.

Focus on the entrance to your stand

Entrances to your exhibition that are creative and well-branded can attract visitors and improve user experience.

Seating and coffee lounges, which are exhibition feature areas, can also aid in creating a relaxed atmosphere where visitors want to spend a lot of time.

Therefore, it’s important to think about what extras your target market would find useful.

Use the right lighting

When presenting a variety of products, display lighting is very useful for drawing attention to the greatest parts of your booth.

Spotlights, uplights, and LED strips can influence the exhibition’s general ambience and improve the mood you want, whether it’s lively and colourful or more subdued and laid-back.

Choose the right exhibition

If you’re not exhibiting at the proper industry events, even the best exhibition stand design won’t help.

You’re going to need to conduct your research to make sure your investment is beneficial because there are thousands of options available in the UK and Europe.

Once more, you must think about your goals and target market before choosing the programmes that will provide you the best possible return on your investment.


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