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A&M Wealth Management

Brand positioning and responsive website


Reposition A&M Wealth Management through the creation of a mobile responsive website. To realign the business, who were highly respected by law firms and insurers whose clients were seeking the very best investment advice, but were punching below their weight.


To create a mobile responsive website utilising the very latest Umbraco Content Management System that provided the client with full content management control. The new site would provide a platform to promote them as market leading professionals in providing independent, trusted advice and services.

The solution was as straight forward as most web solutions in that it needed to appeal to both Legal and Insurance professionals as well as A&M’s direct, general public clients, both of which required very different approaches.

The answer was to create a single platform that provided tailored information to meet each customer’s requirements. We wanted to focus on the professional trust A&M had developed over years. For the Legal and Insurance professionals we did this via the use of respected historians and their pertinent quotes. For their direct clients, we used a series of testimonials that were inserted into page headers to reinforce A&M Wealth Management’s ethos of trust, independence, care and commitment to delivering the very best in financial investment. The use of bank note security patterns in the graphic treatment further helped reinforce the safe, secure delivery of investment A&M provides all it’s clients.

All the content within the site was focused on responding to the needs and queries of their clients. There was to be a transparent, step-by-step explanation of A&M’s processes to illustrate the care taken to ensure all investment options were considered prior to placement and constantly reviewed and managed to ensure the very best performance was achieved.

The website solution also included help and tips, FAQ’s, news and blogs, video links, social media and financial update feeds. A&M Wealth Management now have a flexible, responsive and future proof open source platform, with excellent user experience that was both cost effective, SEO optimised and easy to manage and update internally.

This design solution formed the basis for a number of additional marketing activities including:

  • Press advertising campaigns aimed at direct clients
  • E-shot campaigns targeting Legal and Insurance clients
  • Office artworks
  • Corporate literature
  • Presentation and Reporting material

The net result being that A&M now have a set of tools that reflect the status of their business, enabling them to move forward with confidence.

“We have worked with Williams and Crosby since the inception of our business in 2001 and consider them to be a significant component in our success to date. Having helped us with start up materials, exhibition displays and ongoing marketing we can not recommend them highly enough. Their creativity and innovation never ceases to surprise and delight, coupled with a professional manner, Ed and his team are a pleasure to work with. We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Williams and Crosby to you.” GREG SPENCER | VetTech Solutions
“W&C take quality of service to another level – their approach, outputs and response times are without equal. They care about your business at least as much as their own, which is as much as anyone can ask” SIMON WOOLLEY, MANAGING PARTNER | EOS Law LLP
“Williams&Crosby are a very talented creative agency. Their 360-degree vision and ability to immediately see ‘the bigger picture’ makes them a valuable asset to any company. But over and above that, Ed Williams and his team also brings commercial acumen and pragmatism to the task, giving clients the best of all worlds. Committed, passionate, sincere and genuine team players – one of the best!” DEBBIE GARRITTY, DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS | Manchester Mental Health & Social Care NHS Trust
“Ed and his team are an excellent asset for business marketing, advertising design and web development with cutting edge results. I highly recommend Williams&Crosby – their quality and passion for brands is commendable. Thank you!” MICHAEL GREEN, RETAIL DIRECTOR | Al-Haddad Telecom
“Having worked with Ed and his team on a number of varied projects over the years, I can honestly say that Williams&Crosby has provided some unique solutions that have helped iSOFT to create a unique and industry leading marketing presence. Through the numerous projects, always delivered on time, I’m always confident that they can deliver something which will match our needs and do it on time, every time.” ALEX GRAY, INTERNATIONAL MARKETING MANAGER | Imprivata

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