Rebecca Simmonette

Rebecca Simmonette


Rebecca is the baby of the team. She joined Williams&Crosby in June 2016 fresh from finishing her degree in Graphic Design. Until then with no ‘real life’ experience in the world of graphic design - but a lot of passion - she brought youthful imagination and fresh creativity to the team and continues consistently to develop new skills making W&C proud.

She will be able to colour in just as good and Phil and Dan in no time at all!

In Rebecca’s spare time she likes to socialise, get her adrenaline going (jumping off mountains etc), dreaming of all the cool places she is going to go to one day. She is currently repenting her previous student life-style by eating healthy and exercising like a mad woman to reverse the effects (but she knows cake is life and that’s where her real passion lies).

Rebecca is a massive dog lover and spends too much time talking about her German Shepard puppy, she is her baby!