Ed Williams

Ed Williams


Ed started the business as 23 year old, young naive BA Honours graduate of marketing and design with a box of magic markers and a fold away table and chair. Over 3 decades later he’s slightly less naive having worked with market leaders across the globe. Infuriatingly he still feels near impossible deadlines are merely a challenge to be solved...

Since offering creative solutions to cave dwellers without the use of computers, websites or email, his expertise has been sought by clients from a broad range of SME’s to National and International leaders of brands both in the UK, Europe and the US.

Whilst being fully immersed in his passion, managing the business, clients, staff, and new business creation including a restaurant and bar, interior design and furniture showroom, property development, commercial letting, online leisure marketing and technology service provider, he spends most of his spare time being older than the rest of the team, telling dad jokes, not taking holidays and being a busy man!

Tip: When asking Ed about holidays he replies “they’re called weekends and Bank holidays”