Isover Saint-Gobain

Branding & Marketing


To create a campaign and sales materials for the launch of a new black foil fire insulation material. This was to be distributed to potential customers looking for the ultimate fire protection product in the UK.


During briefing we were informed that this unique black foil product from Isover Saint-Gobain would be the ultimate in fire protection insulation in the UK. Our solution was simple: to highlight the product's unique black foil appearance and ultimate protection qualities - and so the Black Ops campaign was born.

We set up a dark, moody photo shoot of a technician in the pose of an SAS black operative in order to represent 'ultimate protection' and replaced the usual Black Ops arms and equipment with a power drill and hard hat! This, combined with various Mission Impossible inspired references, formed the basis for the campaign which included a pre-launch teaser mailshot and website campaign. These contained a countdown to the launch and a call-to-action for pre-registration in order to collect their Mission Pack and find out more.

At the launch there was an animated video, launch website, adverts, product details and a Mission Pack containing various Black Op styled promotional items, product specification details and a product sample. Our pre-launch campaign resulted in a 68% response rate, with post-launch activities including a exhibition stand and 'mission' envelope hand outs. These contained product details and a call-to-action to obtain a Mission Pack and the opportunity to win the latest Apple Watch (in black of course!). 

Our mission was definitely a success, and the project was held up as an example of the best integrated launch campaign by the Saint-Gobain group internationally.

“Ed was an excellent boss to work for! My time at Williams&Crosby occurred immediately after college (one of his designers spotted my work in the end of year show), and working there proved to be a terrific learning experience. Taking the knowledge gained in education and truly honing it to the point where I could truly consider myself an industry professional getting to deal directly with clients and also expand my skill set into areas as diverse as 3D Animation and Editing, Exhibition Stand Design and Graphic Design. The opportunities I had under Ed have directly led to where I am now, and that is due to his ability to glean the best work possible from the designers working under him, resulting in a design company where no job is too big or too small." HAROLD WITHERS, FREELANCE GAMES ARTIST & 3D ART LECTURER | Freelancer
"As a service-led business in a competitive environment, it is essential that we maintain a strong corporate brand that represents our qualities and reputation. We chose Williams and Crosby as our design agency over 20 years ago, and in that time they have supported us with a wide range of marketing projects including design and creation of brochures, websites, advertising campaigns, and exhibition stands. Ed and his team take the time to fully understand the brief for any project to ensure that they deliver the right solutions, and are always flexible in their approach to accommodate changing requirements. In summary, they are a team that cares about their customers, are passionate about what they do, and have always gone the extra mile to ensure that we are completely happy with what they produce for us." BRAD BRENNAN - MD EVOLUTION TIME CRITICAL
“We engaged Ed and his team to create a groundbreaking new brand for the remote working/virtual office sector. The result has been amazing. Velocity Virtual looks set to really change the virtual office market and Ed was very inspirational directing my vision for this brand. Williams&Crosby really understood the market and put together a brief that demonstrated an excellent understanding of the target market and customer. We are highly delighted with the outcomes and would not hesitate to recommend Edward Williams and his team at Williams&Crosby." STEPHEN MOORE, MARKETING & BRAND DEVELOPMENT | BE Group

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